We could not sit contended with the impressive success of SSML alone. The urge was more for vertical integration, that is, to convert our own quality yarn into magnificent end-products of knit garments. This led to the birth of Karooni Knit Composite Limited (KKCL) which went into production in 2006 as a 100% export oriented knit composite unit.

KKCL virtually consists of five (5) different units under one roof. These are;

  • Knitting unit, capacity-1,100 mt / month
  • Dyeing & Finishing unit (both tubular & open width), capacity-1,100 mt / month
  • Cutting & Sewing unit, capacity-2.20 million pcs / month
  • Embroidery unit, spacification-20 head 9 color with sequin & cording device-3 nos.
  • Printing unit, capacity-1.00 million pcs / month (LxW-90’ x 5’) – 6 nos.

These units ensure the ultimate end-products of knit garments as per customer’s requirements. Besides,Logistics and utility sections render integrated support services while our own power generation unit ensures un-interrupted supply of electricity.

In the KKCL, state-of-the-art brand new machineries have been installed that enables us to make diversified high quality and sophisticated knit wears. We have also assembled capable managers, technical personnel and engaged skilled men & women behind the machines. Expansion and modernization of the project with cutting edge technologies is a continuous process that helps us meets the growing demands of a fast changing fashion world.For us, making of apparel is more of an art involving human touch and imagination rather than merely few mechanical operations. Since the group has its own spinning mills, the KKCL has total control over the entire manufacturing process, from spinning of yarn to apparel making and packing.


While our all units are duly set & build in our own land, we preferred to keep space for ‘greener’ that surrounded all-around our units by lot of green tress and open space for air & nature wind as well as we can say; it is completely various kind of birds living zone that secured by our present structural design for spectacular lush green surroundings. For all units’ wastage water including dyeing, there is a ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) which is capable to flow water around 6,000 M3 / day with standard equipment and accessories and disbursement into natural land. Also, another two (2) WTP project is under construction which is consisting around 4,800 M3/day and 2,400 M3/day.



No worker below the age of years 18 is employed. Factory complies strictly with the child labour laws of Bangladesh & the I.L.O.



Welfare activities remain a corner stone of our management policy. We ensure that a safe, healthy & environment-friendly working condition prevails in the factory premises.


  • Medical Centre: Full time medical center operates to cater to the needs of the workforce.
  • Baby Care Facilities: Baby care facilities are provided to children of workers/staff who need this service during work hours.
  • Canteen: The canteen caters to the requirements of workers/staff.
  • Life Insurance Group Policy: We ensure each of the executive-officials ‘Life-Insurance Group Policy’ for safe, healthy & better life during their service prevails in this organization.



The work places are airy, spacious and hygienic. Each floor is equipped with emergency exits, adequate toilets, first aid boxes and fire fighting equipments. Abundant pure drinking water is available in all the floors.


The management strictly adheres to a zero-tolerance policy in maintaining quality of its products. Regular in-house training is thus conducted to keep our workers alert and updated with the high standard of workmanship that the company maintains. The training not only motivates our workforce to be quality conscious but it also shores up their skills, boosts up morale and generates a sense of participation in the total production process.


KKCL possesses the following certification to maintain the high-class standards in regards of compliance:

  • OEKO-TEX standard 100
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • BSCI


KKCL presently employs about 4,000 workers, technicians and staff.A vibrant KKCL continues its march as a trend setter in the textile arena of Bangladesh.