A new wing has been added into our “Karooni” family, the urge was more for vertical integration, that is, to convert our own quality fabrics into magnificent end-products of woven-garments. This led to the birth of Karooni Fashions Limited (KFL) which went into production in 2016 as a 100% export oriented woven unit.

KFL virtually consists of 30/36 lines, a new 8 storied compliance building is under construction.

This unit ensure the ultimate end-products of woven garments as per customer’s requirement. Our Logistics and utility section render integrated support services while our own power generation unit ensures un-interrupted supply of electricity.

At KFL, state-of-the-art brand new machineries have been installed that enables us to make diversified high quality and sophisticated woven wears. We have also assembled capable managers, technical personnel and engaged skilled men & women behind the machines. Expansion and modernization of the project with cutting edge technologies is a continuous process that helps us meeting the growing demands of a fast changing fashion world.